Online booking

Please be aware the system is having a few updates at the moment, therefore if you cannot find the service you require, your dogs breed, or are having any issues at all please email us at and we will be happy to book you in manually. Thank you for your patience.

Please use the form below in order to book/request your appointment by choosing the date and time that would work for you.

Once we have a request for your appointment we will confirm as soon as possible via email. Please ensure you check your emails for booking requests and confirmations, if you do not receive your booking request and confirmation emails please contact me. 

If you have not completed your information on the customer portal you will also be sent a link for this - please ensure you have completed and saved all fields of information for both yourself and your dog(s).

New clients 

Please ensure you have read the grooming policy prior to contact/booking. Please provide as much information as possible on the booking form with regards to your dog and your grooming requirements.


Once i receive a new client appointment request you may be sent a questionnaire to be completed, this must be returned before your appointment is confirmed. 

If your dogs breed is not listed as an option please select the closest option and provide the correct information in the additional information box at the end of the booking form. Alternatively please contact us and we can add the correct option into the system for you.