Grooming Policy

Please see the below terms and conditions for The Dog Shed which are to be read by the owner upon the first appointment. Copies can be given upon request. Please be aware these may be subject to change, please contact us for details of any changes.

  1. Cancellations and no-shows – Whilst I fully understand that emergencies come up please give 48 hours’ notice if you would like to cancel or re-arrange your appointment in order for me to offer the appointment to someone else. In the event of a late cancellation or missing the appointment a charge of 50% the groom amount will apply and a further deposit may be required before re-booking. However, all charges are at my discretion.

  2. Appointment times and collection times – Please be on time for your appointment. Due to the manner in which I work I ensure that I have adequate time to groom your dog and for you to collect with cleaning time before my next appointment arrives. If you are late I may not have time to complete the groom. This will then be treated as a missed appointment with a charge payable of 50% of the groom price. Where possible I will wait up to 15 minutes however please let me know as soon as possible if you are running late. Additionally, if you are early for your appointment or collection please wait outside in case there is another dog in the salon. If you are early for collection please do not come in whilst I am still grooming as this excites the dog and I may be unable to finish the groom. Please note, in this instance should I be unable to finish the full charge will still apply.

  3. Late collections – Upon arrival you will be given a collection time, please ensure you are not late to collect your dog as I need to ensure I have adequate time to clean the salon before my next appointment arrives. Should you be late a boarding charge of £10 per every 15 minutes may be charged on top of the grooming price.

  4. Payments – payments can be made in cash or by card. Please be aware I do not do payment plans, cheques or bank transfers that are not instant.

  5. Fleas and worms – Please ensure you are up to date with your flea and worm treatment. Should fleas or worms be found then I may be unable to continue the groom until the dog has been successfully treated and a basic groom price for your dog will be charged. If I have no other dogs in that day then I may be able to continue the groom but will bath your dog in flea shampoo at an additional charge of £5. Please also be aware that a further additional £10 charge will be added to cover the costs of de-contaminating the salon whether I am able to complete the groom or not.

  6. Matting – If your dog is found to be matted an additional fee of up to £15 may be added on top of the full groom price. Where possible I will remove small knots and mats in order to save as much coat as possible, however, should the matting be extensive, or it is deemed to be uncomfortable for the dog to de-mat then I will have no choice but to shave the coat off with a close blade. You will be informed prior to shaving the coat off. Matting can be extremely painful for the dog and I will always ensure I am adhering to the animal welfare act and taking the most humane course of action as possible. Matting also causes my equipment to blunt and takes much longer than a normal groom therefore the above mentioned fee will be added. Please also be aware I accept no liability for any skin issues that may be uncovered as a result of removing a matted coat such as nicks, scabs, cuts, hot spots, fungal and bacterial issues, maggots, and pre-existing irritation. Additionally I take no liability for any post-grooming effects of removing a matted coat which may include, but not be limited to: itchiness, skin redness, irritation or abrasions. This also includes self-inflicted irritations/abrasions from excessive rubbing or scratching post-groom. Removing matting comes with an increased risk of injury due to scissors and short blades. The very best care and attention will be taken to avoid this however should an accident occur due to matting i will take no liability and any resulting vet fees will be paid by the owner.

  7. Accidents – Whilst I will take every care and attention possible when grooming your dog unfortunately accidents may happen and these are accepted at the owners risk. They are animals that move and we are working with very sharp equipment. Should an accident occur I will provide basic first aid and you will be informed. Should I be unable to continue the groom then I will contact you and if required take your dog for veterinary attention with costs payable by the owner.

  8. If you are not happy with your dog’s groom or have any concerns please contact me within 24hrs of leaving the salon. I take no liability for any issues brought to my attention after this time. Should you feel your dog requires veterinary attention as the result of the groom that has not been discussed with you on collection please contact me beforehand to discuss and be aware I will require a full report from the vet for insurance purposes.

  9. Please be aware I am unable to groom bitches who are in season; pregnant; or nursing puppies until they are weaned.

  10. Behaviour issues and stress – should your dog become too stressed during the grooming process I reserve the right to stop the groom and continue at another date at additional cost to the owner. Please ensure you inform me if you are aware of any behaviour issues in regards to grooming. Should they be required, and where possible, a muzzle and other restraints may be used in cases of aggression. Should the groom be deemed to be unsafe, either to me or to the dog, then it will be stopped and full charges will still apply. Should the groom be part way finished due to aggression full charges for the groom will apply.

  11. Aggression - Unfortunately i am unable to groom dogs that may be a bite risk potentially causing long term damage or mean i am unable to work. Should your dog bite or attempt to bite, or show aggressive and unhappy behaviour such as snarling or snapping then the groom may be stopped, or the groom may be not be fully completed and you will be contacted to discuss. I will not push a dog through stress and aggression to get a groom complete, the dogs welfare comes first. If i feel your dog is too aggressive or unhappy for grooming but they have matting then i will call to discuss and you may be advised a vet referral is required. Where possible i will work with the dog in order to rehabilitate behaviours and make grooming a more enjoyable experience and smaller or extra sessions may be required, this will be discussed on a case by case basis.